My daughter has been going to Wellie Boots since she was about eight months old and is now two years old. I really can't describe how important it is to me that I've managed to find a childcare provider such as this - they really provide the highest possible standard of care. Sharon and Peter have a very gentle and nurturing approach which really brings out the best in the children. There is lots of outdoor playing and so many different activities to do, my daughter has gained so much from going there. The outdoor play, home cooked healthy food, and child-led approach are the reasons I wouldn't consider any other childcare provider - even though there are many more which are closer to me! I can't thank Sharon and Peter enough for offering such a high standard of service.

Elizabeth, November 2017

Our son Alfie has been going to Wellieboots since he was 9 months old and loves going. Sharon and Peter are really good with him and made going back to work so much easier for me knowing that Alfie is happy. I like that Alfie gets a lot of outdoor activities. Sharon and Peter keep us up to date with what Alfie has been doing he’s always full of stories when I pick him up. 

Their flexibility is great with working shifts it can change at times or might need extra days. 
I know Alfie is well looked after he’s learning so much with all that Sharon and Peter do can’t thank you both enough.

Andrea, November 2017

Our son Brodie loves going to Wellie Boots. Both Sharon and Peter look after him very well and keep us up to date with what he gets up to. Brodie gets plenty of outdoor time and fresh air in the lovely country surroundings. Sometimes it's hard for Brodie to leave at the end of the day!

Janice, November 2017

This place and these guys are ace, plain and simple. So much so that we used to make a 2hour round trip each Thursday just so our two children could go here. I can't recommend them enough.

Stuart, November 2016



Tommy, age 6



"Jack is 7 and has been going to Wellie Boots once a week during school holidays for the past year. We are delighted with the provision Wellie Boots offers. It is flexible, affordable and high quality. Jack is on the autistic spectrum. At Wellie Boots he is very much included and accepted for who he is. Jack loves the outdoors, especially the farm, so the setting could not be more perfect! Through play Jack is learning, understanding and developing an appreciation for the countryside. There are endless opportunities for children to choose, investigate, explore, and generally get very mucky through fun activities. Jack is very well cared for, happy, engaged in all activities and he always wants to go back. Big thumbs up to Wellie Boots!"

(Lesley McCranor, Principal Teacher, April 2014)


Sharon and Peter are the best childcare providers I have ever entrusted any of my children to. I have worked as a childcare provider myself and can only aspire to be as fabulous as Wellie Boots. To me, they are now the benchmark and I wouldn't dream of having anyone else look after my children any time the need arises.

(Lesley McLean, April 2015)
A really wonderful place to leave my son for the day. He comes back full of stories, with a very healthy appetite, ready for a long night's sleep and above all very calm and happy, whereas a whole day in a classic nursery can still (at 3 years old) leave him slightly hyper. I drive 25' to take him there because for me, the child-centered approach they have at Wellie Boots is excellent. The garden and farm setting make an ideal environment for children and are used creatively, with many indoors activities transferred outside whenever the weather allows - such as painting or eating. The children have their own space and there is the right balance of free play and structured play, and new resources are constantly brought in so the children see a lot of variety, but also learn to develop their imagination and autonomy. Sharon and Peter are lovely people and very competent carers: I always go to Sharon for advice and it is consistently wise and helpful. Somehow they manage to cook from scratch too! The fees are very reasonable and the bigger children are lovely with the little children, as are the animals. I completely trust Wellie Boots and just wish I lived a bit closer to take my boy there for all his days in childcare. The website is also lovely and the feedback and reports is a lot more detailed and thoughtful than in other places. You can tell that looking after children isn't 'just a job' for Sharon and Peter: they do an amazing job of it, and as parents of four they are very experienced. A real bonus for the local community: we are very lucky to have them in the area. When the numbers are small, the children go out on trips much more frequently than elsewhere, too. Finally, there is plenty of flexibility for the parents, such as occasionally swapping days, which really helps parents.
(Clémence O'Connor, June 2015)

"When I met Peter and Sharon, I knew instantly that they were just the kind of people I could trust completely to look after my baby. They are such naturals with children, and instinctively understand how to bring out the best in them and make them feel safe. I also loved their focus on outdoor activities and nature. My son was only with them for one day per week, and occasionally I wanted to change that day or not use their childcare service at all, and Peter and Sharon were always cooperative and understanding about this. They also took my older son on a couple of occasions over the summer and he loved his time there – they even managed to exhaust him, which is no easy task, believe me. Even now he keeps asking me when he can “go back to that lovely farm and play with Marley and Jules”. I recommend Wellie Boots heartily to absolutely anyone who is looking for a loving, warm, homely childcare setting with two devoted parents.  Your child will genuinely be welcomed as part of the lovely Stoneman family, regardless of how often or how little you use their service. 
Peter and Sharon, I salute you for making the bold move of starting up your own childcare business – you were made for it as you are both wonderful, kind, nurturing people and nobody deserves success and happiness more than you do. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done – we will all miss you and wish we could take you to Australia with us – kids and all!"

(Mikki Wells, August 2013)



"Thank you so much for being so brilliant with Mia. Every day she has come back with a huge grin on her face from the days she has had having fun with you lot! Thank you! Your Wellie Boots Childminding is the best I could have wished for."

(Lucy Victoria Lasocki, March 2014)




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