Who are we?

We have been married for 20 years and registered Wellie Boots in 2013.  In December 2019 we relocated from Kennethmont to Rhynie.  We are a happy, busy family with four children.  


Our three youngest are still at home -  our boys are 16 and 14 and our youngest daughter is 10.


We very much enjoy our time at home and .being outdoors  Our children love being outdoors and we have always believed it is crucial to healthy development.



Sharon Stoneman



 Hello, I am Sharon, busy mum of four!


I completed an HNC in Childcare and Education in 1996 and have worked in the sector ever since.  This has enabled me to access a wide range of further training. In 2009 I also completed the SCMA Childminder training.  I am currently progressing through the final phase of my BA in Early Childhood Practice.


My first five years were spent as a Nursery Nurse in a school for children with additional support needs.  


I then moved on to work as a Pre School Development Worker for Aberdeenshire Council.  This involved supporting Playgroups and Nurseries in the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence and in meeting the standards required for Inspection.  I was also involved in the delivery of training.


My experience led me to believe that there was a need for nurturing, home based childcare in the area, which provided high quality outdoor experiences.


I reduced my working hours to part time when I had my first son and I registered the business in February 2013.  We began work with our first families in late summer of that year, after I had finished my Maternity Leave.


Since the business opened I have been busy providing a high quality service for the families who attend Wellie Boots.


Peter Stoneman


Hello, I would like to tell you a little about myself.  I am Peter and have been working in partnership with Sharon since the business was started.


I have previous experience in social work, working with adults with additional support needs.  I have also worked in environmental projects and was happy to be able to bring that experience to Wellie Boots, to enrich the outdoor experiences for the children.  I also enjoy being able to lead music and drama activities for the children.


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