Why choose Wellie Boots?

Children were empowered to lead their own play and learning, and the child-led ethos was a major strength of the service. 

• Children were supported to feel safe, loved and secure as both childminders had developed strong, nurturing relationships with them and caring relationships with their parents. 
• Meaningful and regular communications with families ensured that children's individual needs were exceptionally well supported and respected. • Daily, high-quality opportunities to play outdoors, either in the garden or in the local community, promoted children's health and wellbeing. 
• The childminder had developed very robust ways of evaluating the service and identifying areas for development, which led to improved outcomes for children. 
• Both childminders were extremely committed to professional development and demonstrated how this led to exceptional outcomes for children. 
(Care Inpectorate 2023)



At Wellie Boots the day is planned to best meet the needs of individual children.  We take good heed of children's interests and ensure children can organise their time as they choose.  Snack and meal times are organised so that children can eat when they choose and are involved in the preparation of foods.  Children can choose to play alone, with others or with an adult.


Babies and young children will benefit from a nurturing, secure, home from home environment.  We will discuss your babies / child's needs with you and ensure their usual routine is incorporated into their day.  We believe babies and children should be supported in a kind, warm manner and we are happy to spend time ensuring your baby / child feels safe and happy in our care.  All children will be offered a settling in session.


At Wellie Boots we believe childrens time is precious and should be spent doing things they enjoy.  Play is the best tool we have to help children learn and children learn best when happy and well cared for.  We will endeavour to ensure your child can access the activities he/she chooses and enjoys.


We value the importance of outdoor experiences and ensure that the children spend as much time as possible exploring and playing outdoors.   We make daily use of the outdoor spaces in Rhynie to offer an invigorating outdoor curriculum for the children in our care.


At Wellie Boots we offer a wide range of activities.


Indoors we can;


  • Bake and cook.
  • Read and enjoy sharing stories.
  • Paint and craft.
  • Dress up and pretend.
  • Sing, make music and dance.
  • Play with a wide range of toys and resources.
  • Be quiet and rest.


In the garden we can;


  • Ride bikes, trikes, scooters and cars.
  • Explore water, mud, sand and mess.
  • Build dens and pretend.
  • Climb, run and jump.
  • Have races and play games.
  • Plant and grow fruit, veg and flowers
  • Use large play equipment


Out and about we can;


  • Go for walks and explore the surrounding area.
  • Take part in village and local activities.
  • Go for outings further afield.
  • Be part of our local community.




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